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State Audit. Law. Economics publishes scientific articles, scientific reviews, peer reviews and feedback, information publications.

Articles submitted to State Audit. Law. Economics should be performed individually or in collaboration, and contain material that has not been previously published in other periodicals and/or sent to multiple recipients.

Submitted manuscripts should correspond to the topics of the journal.

Articles should meet the following requirements:

Articles must be written in Russian in the MS Word text editor inTimes New Roman font, 14 pt., spacing 1.5. Footnotes terminal, 10 pins. Contributions should be between 8,000 and 20,000 printed characters including spaces.

A submitted article should contain:

  • Article’s title in the Russian language
  • name, patronymic name and last name of the author/authors in the Russian language
  • job title and the full indication of the place of work/study
  • Academic degree and academic status.
  • Brief abstract of the article in the Russian language (3-5 sentences)
  • Key words in the Russian language (5-7 words).

The following information should be submitted in a separate file:

  • Telephone, e-mail address, contact postal address containing a ZIP code, cipher of scientific specialty, in accordance with which the article was written.
  • Article’s title in English.
  • Name, patronymic name and last name of the author/authors in the English language.
  • Job title and full indication of the place of work/study in the English language with an indication of the year and specialization.
  • Brief abstract of the article in the English language (3-5 sentences).
  • Key words in the English language (5-7 words).

A list of references is required. References should be listed in alphabetical order, with continuous numbering, executed in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5 — 2008. Indication of references in the text should be made in square brackets, for example: [1, p. 277]. The use of automatic page-by-page links is not allowed.

All the normative legal acts used in an article must contain the date of adoption, the number and full official name, and a reference to the source of publication. Please be sure to specify the source of a quotation, factual, statistical and numerical data.

All abbreviations and acronyms except for the well-known should be defined when first used in the text.

Responsibility for the accuracy of citations, references to legislation, names, etc. lies entirely with the authors.

By submitting an article for publication, the author hereby expresses his consent to the donation of non-exclusive right to publish articles and other materials in the SSE Consultant and Guarantor, in the printed and electronic version of the State Audit. Law. Economics journal, in the Internet, in the Russian Science Citation Index base, on disks or other removable media. The intellectual property right (including the copyright) is retained by the author.

The texts that are sent to multiple addresses are not considered, and the further relationship with the author is terminated.

Articles by students, graduate students, undergraduates, competitors for scientific degrees are accepted only with a written review of the supervisor (the candidate or PhD) attached.

Article which do not meet the above mentioned requirements are not considered.

Regulations in State Audit

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